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Inspired by bartenders for bartenders, Three Cents tonics & sodas were produced to be used as ultimate mixers for cocktails and long drinks. Their all-natural substance and long-lasting fizziness soon elevated their reputation among consumers becoming a top soda beverage choice and a number one premium mixer for long drinks and cocktails.

The main idea behind Three Cents Lemon Tonic was to highlight the 3 Greek varieties of lemons and create a genuinely refreshing tonic water for your cocktails and long drinks. By blending the aromas and flavors of yellow lemons, limes and bitter oranges from the Mediterranean region, high quality natural quinine and carbonated spring water, they have managed to create a lemon tonic unlike any other.

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Carrying a bouquet of intense citrus aromas, Three Cents lemon tonic is perfectly suited for Collins or Sour style coctails but can also be served alone as a beverage. Its sprightful essence brings out the flavor of every drink turning every sip into an invigorating taste experience tantalizing the taste buds. The drawing of lemon with the green leaf on the bottle reflects its refreshing and sprightful  character.