Mulassano Vermouth Rosso


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34 €

Mulassano Vermouth Rosso is a dazzling drink that displays the vivacious flavours of Turin. Created by following traditional methods and recipes, it encapsulates the historical art of vermouth-making in Italy. Mulassano uses exquisite local white wine as a base and combines it with only natural ingredients. Well-rounded and bold, the essence of oranges persists on the palate, with notes of pepper and bitter herbs to balance. A sweet, but light vermouth that was once upon a time only served for guests at Caffe Mulassano di Torino. But now, you can also have a taste of Italy from your home!

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Mulassano Vermouth Rosso is a perfect aperitif served neat or with ice and a slice of orange, or mixed in a cocktail like Negroni or Manhattan.