Rudys Coconut Pineapple Kombucha


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Rudys Coconut Pineapple Kombucha has a modern approach to a well-known combination. Naturally fermented green tea with coconut and pineapple without added sugar.

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Rudy’s Brewing Co. is an independent kombuchová brewery in Kuldiga who founded a couple and a dog named Rudy in 2019.


Rudy’s Brewing Co. what they themselves like. Therefore, in the production of kombucha, they use only organic raw materials without flavorings and flavor enhancers. Fruits such as berries are crushed themselves and use only fresh basil and mint leaves grown by a Kuldiga farmer. They do not use production techniques in large factories or complex sales tricks. It does not try to reduce production costs. Their goal is simple: to make a good and healthy drink.


The product contains 100% natural and organic ingredients: water, pineapple, symbiotic culture, erythritol, coconut, tea.

It contains vitamin C, vitamins B1, B6 and B12.