Heldeke! Brewery

The Heldeke! brewery officially launched in March 2021 with its first ever product, Heldeke! Dark Cherry.

When the Estonian Puls brewery in Rakvere closed down in 2020, production of Puls Dark Cherry ceased and one of Heldeke’s top selling beers was no longer. A search for a suitable replacement was sought and the market was found to be lacking a light and easy drinking dark beer with a subtle cherry taste.

So we decided to brew something ourselves.

As we exclusively showcase Estonian craft beers on our bar menu we had great contacts to choose from. After much discussion we decided to work with Purtse Prullikoda and our very own Heldeke! Dark Cherry beer was born.

A brewery launch can only happen once, so grab a bottle or 3 and be part of this historic occasion.

Will you be one of the lucky ones to taste Heldekes first ever beer?

Special launch price (2.49€ instead of 2.99€ per bottle) for orders made until 30th April! Order now!

Heldeke! Dark Cherry is a light and easy drinking dark beer with a subtle cherry after taste.
Produced in collaboration with Purtse Prullikoda.

Colour: 33 SRM
IBU: 25
ABV: 4.5%

Untappd, Heldeke! Brewery

Available to purchase from
Heldeke! (order form)
Purtse Tap Room
Mem Kohvik
Si Si Sushi
Pudel baar

Order direct from Heldeke! here
Wholesale enquiries, contact info@heldeke.ee


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Price, 2.49€ per bottle, plus 10c deposit
Vegan, not tested on animals, paraben and SLS free
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