Amrut Single Malt


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70 €

Amrut Single Malt is a lush whisky where bitter and sweet have reached a symphonic balance. This single malt is crafted in Bengaluru and has paved the way in the art of whisky-making in India. On the nose, hints of liquorice and bourbon take the stage. When sipping, the complexity is revealed, where notes of barley and molasses become apparent. It has a gorgeously long finish that is harmoniously dry and luscious. Confident and complex, the Amrut Single Malt is a must-try for those intrigued in world whiskies.

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Amrut is the first single malt whisky made in India. The word ‘Amrut’ means ‘nectar of the gods’. Amrut Single Malt has won the Liquid Gold Award at Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2010 and 88 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012.