Bellevoye Blanc Triple Malt


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Whiskey and wine lovers unite! The Bellevoye Blanc Triple Malt is a unique blended whiskey, matured in a Sauternes barrel. Sauternes is one of the world’s most beloved types of sweet wine, made with excellently ripened grapes, leaving a candied essence. In order to create a distinguished aroma of Sauternes, the whiskey is filled right after the wine cask is emptied. First aged 3-8 years in a French Oak cask, then matured 9-12 months after blending in a new French Oak barrel. Initially, the whiskey gives way to notes of various dried fruit and spices, on the palate it offers ripened and juicy fruit aromas, finishing with hints of hazelnut and almonds. A complex and intriguing French whiskey to enjoy!

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The Bellevoye Company was founded by two businessmen – Jean and Alexandre. Bellevoye Blanc Triple Malt brings together whiskies from different regions of France (Lile, Alsace, and Cognac), rendering a chic finish. In 2022, the whiskey won a Gold medal at the Concours Agricole de Paris and another Gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge.