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Cameronbridge 26y


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A first entry for whisky from Cameronbridge in the Diageo Special Releases, the 26-year-old expression is all about showing the distillery’s soft, sweet and toffee-forward character. Aged solely in refill-bourbon casks, it lets the spirit do the talking thanks to a ‘long and gentle’ maturation, as master blender Craig Wilson puts it.

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Aroma: Layers of sweetness – toffee, caramel and cinder toffee – although never really feeling overly sweet. Balancing the sweetness is a touch of cask char and leafy green herbs: tarragon and mint. Barley sugar, vanilla cream and stewed apples develop.

Taste: Creamy coffee and toffee with singed caramel, polished oak and dark chocolate. Bursts of sour blackcurrant are joined by fruity green blackcurrant leaf and dark brown sugar. Mintiness hides at the back, along with layers of freshly sawn and polished oak.

Finish: Spice and oak are followed by toffee and vanilla, with a touch of lingering black pepper.