Campari Cask Tales


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62.5 €

An exciting twist of the classic, the Campari Cask Tales tells a story of talented experimentation. Created in honour of the 150th anniversary of Davide Campari’s birth, the heir of the aperitif’s creator Gaspare Campari, it entails a harmony of tradition and innovation. The familiar Campari is matured in second-fill Bourbon casks, which adds a finesse of oaky smokiness to the fruity and herbal liqueur. It leaves a spicy, incense-like aftertaste, that intrigues for further indulging. Delicious and smooth, the Campari Cask Tales is an aperitif to try!

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Campari Cask Tales is perfect in cocktails or for neat sipping. In 2021, the aperitif won a Gold Award by the Specialty Spirits Masters.