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Clynelish 12y, 2022 release


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A welcome return for Clynelish to the Diageo Special Releases, this 12 year old whisky takes the classic bourbon-maturation of Clynelish and then adds a finish in PX and oloroso casks to give extra layers of rich and dark fruit. A very different and delicious take on the distillery’s waxy and fruity character.

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Aroma: Fruit cake, brown sugar, Danish pasties, sticky baked apples and vanilla sauce. Fruitiness slowly starts to poke its way through – apples, pears and pineapples. At the back is thick and fruity toffee sauce, stirred through with raisins.

Taste: Rich, rounded and thick – actively thick on the palate. Apples, sultanas and raisins start fresh and are slowly cooked down into a rich sauce. Minty touches give a burst of further freshness that fades to reveal another round of rich spice, and a touch of dark chocolate.

Finish: Layers of orchard fruit and chocolate at first. Apples linger as polished-oak and buttery notes build.