Compass Box Spice Tree


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Compass Box Spice Tree is an intriguingly spicy whisky with quite the history. Created years ago, it was forced to be discontinued for a while because of its’ avant-garde method of oak-aging. Now the distillery has upped their game and brough Compass Box Spice Tree back to life, better than ever! Matured in custom casks from French and American Oak, the wooden flavour definitely comes through. Apart from the oak, on the nose it reveals notes of herbs, vanilla and spices. When tasting, the peppered nature prevails and sweet aromas reminiscent of toffee peak through. Compass Box Spice Tree whisky is one boasting with rich flavour, so if you’re captivated by the spiciness, definitely give this a go!

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Compass Box Spice Tree has won many awards, including a Double Gold Medal for the 2020 World Spirits Competition, a Gold Medal for the 2021 Whiskies of the World Competition and the 2022 International Spirits Challenge.