Cù Bòcan Signature Single Malt


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Third time’s the charm, ay? The Cù Bòcan Signature Single Malt is a lightly-peated, triple casked whiskey, with a rich and intricate flavour palate. The whisky is distilled during winter at the Tomatin Distillery in the Highlands and in limited batches, making it an exclusive drink to indulge in. First matured in an ex-bourbon, then an ex-sherry and finished in a virgin oak cask, presenting an elaborate symphony of flavours. With notes of smoke, citrus and spices like cinnamon, it will take you on a journey of different, delightful aromas. The Cù Bòcan Signature Single Malt is the distillers’ pride and joy, the whiskey that brought name to the brand. Have a sip of enticing deliciousness!

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The Cù Bòcan whiskeys are experimental single malts that incorporate innovation with tradition, creating intriguing and remarkable drinks to enjoy. Their whiskies are a perfect marriage of sweet and smoky flavours. Made with lightly peated Scottish barley.