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De Muller Dorado


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DeMuller Vermouths have been made using the same recipes since their founding, almost 70 years ago. Over 150 botanicals are used, many of which are native to the winery’s Mediterranean setting. Today, their winemaker is Gemma Martinez. With more than a century of history, Dorado (translated as gold), in its birthplace of Reus, is by far the favourite of customers.

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Made from: a wine enriched with the flavours of various Mediterranean herbs and a number of herbal and plant extracts.
Aroma: long-lasting and sweet, with beautiful spicy notes. Strong notes of cinnamon and vanilla, with sage and rosemary in the background.
Palate: cinnamon and vanilla, already familiar from the aroma, are present on the palate, spiced with coriander, mint, chamomile and bay.
Food: vermouth is usually consumed before serving and is a ‘starter’ in traditional Spanish cuisine.
Serving suggestions: as a drink on its own, served with ice and a slice of orange.