Del Professore Classico


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A vermouth made with diligence and incredible craftsmanship. Del Professore Classico is a testament to complex Italian flavours, using 100% local wines as a base for their vermouths. As they hold authentic recipes to high regard, this type of vermouth has truly stood the test of time. With a gorgeous and rich amber hue, it’s mesmerizing to the eye. The palate is rich in floral flavours with hints of ripened fruit and spices. On the tongue, beams of vanilla, nutmeg and clove shine through. Del Professore Classico offers a harmonious balance of sweet and spicy, using only naturally sourced ingredients.

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Del Professore uses the diverse flavours of Piedmont, Italy, a UNESCO-protected land rich in unique ingredients. Serves perfect in cocktails like a Negroni or neat as a sip drink.