Freak Kriek Zero Point Three Feel Free Cherry Beer


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The Flying Duchman brew this deep red alcohol-free beer with high-quality cherry juice. They let it mature on oak chips for a better mouthfeel and a nice rounding off of the taste. Freak Kriek Zero Point Three Feel Free Cherry Beer combines well with, for example, pancakes, cherry pie or other sweet desserts. In the summer this beer is a pleasure on the terrace!


Taste: Deep red alcohol-free cherry with a nice balance between the sweet and sour elements of the cherries.

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Low-alcohol beers are brewed with a special yeast that produces as little alcohol as possible. Due to this light fermentation we still get the characteristic and pleasant beer aromas in these products.

Low-alcohol beers are on the rise and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Research has shown that at least 30% of beer drinkers consciously want to drink less alcohol, because they still have to drive or, for example, want to exercise the next day.