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Gonzalez Byass La Copa Vermouth Extra Seco


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The original recipe for La Copa vermouth dates back to the early 1900s. However, the La Copa trademark itself dates from 1886, so Gonzalez Byass is a product with a longer history. The base wine here is a fino sherry, instead of the usual plain white wine, which has been gathering flavours and aromas for more than 4 years under a natural live yeast flor. Hence the difference, the uniqueness. A classic, not so sweet (extra seco) but double-tasting, a mix of ripe citrus fruits, bitter-salty peppercorns and spices, accompanied by an aftertaste of wine balsamic. Contains sulphites.

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Serve chilled, as usual, as an aperitif. A must-have for cocktail books. For cocktail lovers, Alice in Wonderland, let the bartender surprise you, or you surprise him.