Grant’s Triple Wood 8y


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Grant’s Triple Wood 8y is a rich whisky immersed in three different types of wood casks. Third time’s the charm! The Virgin Oak brings about a vigorous spicy aroma and the American Oak a delicate vanilla essence. The drink is topped off in a Bourbon refilled cask, that unearths a brown sugar aftertaste. All three flavours become more prominent in this edition of the Grant’s Triple Wood whisky, where it is aged for 8 years at minimum. A full, smooth and delicate whisky, that all whisky-world newcomers and experienced connoisseurs can enjoy!

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Grant’s Triple Wood 8y is fruity and spicy at first, vanilla flavoured on the palate and has a smoky, smooth finish. Perfect on the rocks or with tonic, just add a slice of orange to bring out further aromas!