Green Cola


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Green Cola is a new generation of cola drink – offering the perfect cola taste, without sugar and preservatives! Green Cola is sweetened with a sugary leaf or stevia. Stevia is a completely natural and calorie-free sweetener. Thanks to this, 100ml of Green Cola has an energy content of just 0.6kcal.

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Green Cola does not contain:

phosphoric acid,
sodium cyclamate,
sodium benzoate,

The product contains natural flavourings and caffeine from green coffee beans.

Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from sugar leaves (stevia rebaudiana or Paraguayan sugar leaves). It contains no sugar and is calorie-free. This makes it ideal for health-conscious people and those sensitive to sugar. Although it is a relatively new sweetener in Western markets, it has been used as a sweetener in Japan since the 1970s and has been used as a medicine and sweetener by indigenous people in South America for over 1500 years.