Macallan Rare 2023


Price per litre:

470 €

Macallan Rare 2023 is an unprecedented, rich and complex whisky that invokes nostalgia. Crafted in the upmost high-quality and rarest sherry seasoned Oak casks that derive an intricate raisin flavour. Caramel and toffee on the foreground with hints of nutmeg and ginger as an added layer. This 2023 edition was made in collaboration with Charlie Burchill of the band Simple Minds, creating a bridge between the art of music and whiskey-making. Both in these artforms, the harmony of notes can unleash the person’s deepest emotions and memories, that will lead them through a sensory path for the soul. Intense in colour, flavour and meaning, the Macallan Rare 2023 is a remarkably inviting whisky to indulge in.

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Macallan Distillery aims to create extraordinary and unique flavour experiences through their whisky selection. The team chooses all their oak casks meticulously and will not settle for anything but the best regarding quality.