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Malibu Coconut is a full-bodied rum liqueur with a round coconut aroma and a light toastiness, creamy coconut and vanilla sauce flavour. The palate is full-bodied and creamy, with the warmth of rum and a long, silky finish. Known worldwide as the original coconut rum, Malibu Coconut has enjoyed phenomenal success.

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Malibu rum liqueurs originate from the Caribbean islands, the birthplace of light rum. Malibu was introduced to the world market in 1980 and is produced at the world-famous West Indies Rum Distillery, established in 1893 on the island of Black Rock in Barbados. Today, Malibu has become a successful international brand and is sold in more than 150 countries around the world.

Malibu rum liqueurs are made on the island of Barbados from Caribbean rum. The rums from this region have a softer flavour than other rums, making them an excellent base spirit to mix with tropical flavours such as coconut, mango or pineapple.

The Malibu production process is a combination of traditional skills and modern technology. First of all, molasses is extracted from the sugar cane, a by-product of sugar production. The molasses is mixed with water and yeast and fermented into alcohol. The fermented molasses is distilled three times in distillation columns. The result is a light, mild-tasting pale rum, which is then blended with natural tropical fruit extracts and sugar. Finally, this aromatic beverage is bottled in distinctive white bottles decorated with palm trees and the Caribbean sun.

Thanks to its lower alcohol content (21%) than regular rum, Malibu is ideal for light summer cocktails.