Michel Couvreur Candid Malt


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Michel Couvreur Candid Malt offers a gorgeously diverse and bittersweet sipping experience. It’s a blended malt, made from Scottish whisky and aged in the historical region of Burgundy. The aging in Sherry oak casks renders a subtle sweet flavour to the peaty whisky. On the nose, it presents nutmeg and fruit aromas. The palate reveals a well-balanced harmony of creamy Sherry, peat and slight liquorice notes. It finishes with a fresh almond and raisin flavour, with a hint of peatiness persisting through. A smooth, sleek and candid whisky, made with French craftsmanship.

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Michel Couvreur was a businessman, a true whisky connoisseur and a visionary. To him, maturing the whisky in oak casks was what truly made the whisky, what made it personal and memorable. In 1978 he moved to Burgundy and dedicated his life to creating noteworthy and meaningful whiskys. His son-in-law Cyril Deschamps took over the family-owned company and carries on Michel’s legacy.