Nomad Outland Sherry Cask


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63.57 €

A premium blended whisky made from unique selection of over 30 different malt and grain whiskies from Speyside, Scotland. The blend is left to mature in Scotland for 6 years and then it travells to Jerez where it will be aged for 1 more year in old Pedro Ximenez casks.

This outland whisky matures in the unique micro-climate of Jerez, subject to the different changes in temperature, the winds and the humidity of the Andalusian city close to the sea.

Nomad, over time, will absorb the native yeasts which are present in the atmosphere of the cellar, and it will be imbued with the tastes and flavours of the old Pedro Ximenez casks, previously used to age sherry, giving the whisky its unique character.

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Aroma: Notes of malt and hints of wood and sherry.

Taste: The sensations of raisins, honey and an unmistakable bouquet stand out due to its aging in sherry casks that contained Pedro Ximénez.

Finish: With notes of vanilla and dried fruit raisins. A very elegant whisky with a deep aftertaste.