Passionfruit Juice


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Very tangy, aromatic and strong in taste, the yellow Maracuja variety is the largest and juiciest variety of passion fruit. It offers this nectar all the exoticism and all the freshness that we know of. It is sweet and vitamin and it has powerful and authentic aromas.

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Located in Tartaras in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, our site produces all the juices and nectars in the collection. The precision and performance of our equipment allow us to achieve the goals of excellence that we set for ourselves.

The cold extraction preserves the organoleptic properties of fruits and vegetables despite a lower yield. We ensure pasteurisation of our products to ensure best conservation and allow you to enjoy the flexibility of a three-year best-by date.

We respect natural characteristics of the fruits while creating our recipes. We attach importance to keep the natural balance between sugar and acidity. Texture is also a fundamental part of our recipes and we work every day to make it as pleasant as possible.