Ruffino Amaro Antica Ricetta


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A liqueur of true refinement and elegance, the Ruffino Amaro Antica Ricetta is a gorgeous ambrosia. This liqueur is made from a Toscana red wine, fortified to 30 degrees and later flavored with a plethora of elusive ingredients. Displaying a deep ebony hue with hints of mahogany, it instantly captivates. On the nose, it expresses aromas of tobacco, spices, blackberry and herbs. On the palate the richness truly presents itself, where bitter nuances and rhubarb notes lead to a long, exquisite finish. The Ruffino Amaro Antica Ricetta offers a strong and diverse sipping experience.

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Ruffino Amaro Antica Ricetta serves perfectly as a digestive or as an alternative to bitter in cocktails.