Sotol Nocheluna


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An exclusive and exceptional drink, the Sotol Nocheluna is a spirit that embodies the resilience of northern Mexico. This drink is made from the Sotol plant that grows in the rural and rough Chihuahua desert. Translucent in hue and crystal clear with vigor. On the palate, it reveals notes of wild herbs, fruit, caramel and smoke. Enticingly robust, mineral and earthy in flavour, due to the Sotol plant absorbing nutrients from harsh terroirs. The sip finishes with hints of walnut, further unfolding the earthy nature of the drink. Sotol Nocheluna is an unparallelled mezcal-like spirit that urges to revel in.

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Sotol is similar to a mezcal, but made from the core of the sotol plant. It can only be produced in three places in the world: Chihuahua (MX), Coahuila (MX) and Durango (USA).