The Kura


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Made in the southernmost region of Japan, the exceptional “Kura The Whisky” is the result of careful aging in American White Oak. Finished in Japanese rum casks, its remarkable sweet aroma is accompanied by its distinctive mellow taste. The permeance of the unique Okinawa islands is infused with this premium spirit. Crafted in exceptionally small quantities.

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The Helios name has been a mainstay on the island of Okinawa since at least the 15th Century, first as renowned brewers and also as distillers. While for centuries their specialty has been traditional schochus, they have more recently begun making expertly crafted rums from local sugar cane and whiskies from malted barley. Produced in very small quantities for now, Kura combines peated malt whisky using extremely rare peat from the northern island of Hokkaido that is similiar in nature to peat found on the islands of Scotland, and unpeated malt both aged in American Oak before being finished in local rum casks that held rum for over 20yrs first.

Aroma: Elegant, sweet, vanilla.

Taste: Slightly smoky, strong vanilla aromas, melons.

Finish: Long lasting.