Wake The Hell Up You Can Sleep In The Coffin Porter


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This porter is brewed with coffee beans from Indonesia and Colombia. The beans come from small farmers and are roasted especially for us in the best coffee roastery in Helsinki. The Flying Duchman also added some milk sugar (lactose) to this beer for a broader mouthfeel and to approach the cappucino character even better. Furthermore, they age the beer on Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans and Ceylon cinnamon sticks. This gives the beer a soft and creamy character. Hazelnuts give a special smell and aftertaste to this porter. In short, a perfect beer to enjoy!

Taste: A porter with a round creamy coffee taste, a hint of hazelnut in the aroma and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

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Porter has its origins in England and is named after the porters who carried goods from the cargo ships to the warehouses in the ports. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the water quality was poor and people drank beer to quench their thirst. So in this case they drank the dark porters that the English breweries brewed. These beers also had a bit more calories than the Pale Ale and therefore also gave these hard workers energy.