Walcher Bio Sole e Luna Vermouth Blanco


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Exquisite organic Bianco di Custoza white wine and over 30 fine herbs and spices are blended in the Vermouth “Sole e Luna” to create its seductive taste: complex floral notes of elderflower, artemisia, lemon and rosemary combined with a delicate sweetness and refined nuances of quince and fresh mint. It is a success at every party and provides a very special note to countless cocktails.

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Walcher Distillery: The old tradition of the water-bath distillation process, and the innovation with respect of nature. From nine generations the family Walcher, with passio and respect for the nature, distills noble spirits, that are awarded at international level. Walcher Distillery is located in this big orchard called Alto Adige/South Tyrol. They have 280 days of sunshine a year, with cool temperature at night that let our fruit develop intense fragrance. The understanding of how lucky they are to be born in such a gorgeous place, teaches them to select exclusively the healthiest and ripest fruit for the spirits, acquavite, grappa, and other products. They always try to use local fruit for our products.