Carlo Alberto White Vermouth Riserva


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The Vermouth Carlo Alberto is an excellent product, unique in the world. The special ingredients, old processes, the specialist knowledge and the extreme patience in the production are the prerequisites for a high-quality vermouth.


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The recipe that is still used today is a clear homage to the year 1837, when Tumalin Bartolomé Baracco de Baracho laid the foundations for the aperitif wine recipe. This was then prepared by the cook at the king’s court. The Carlo Alberto Riserva is unique and is made with two Piedmontese DOCG wines: Moscato d’Asti and Erbaluce di Caluso.

The design of the bottle was inspired by the Turin architecture: the Palazzo Madama in the middle part of the bottle, the developments of Art Nouveau in the upper part of the bottle to the columns of the Gran Madre di Torino in the lower part.

All botanicals used are selected and collected with the utmost care to create a unique harmony. The white Vermouth is deliciously sweet and at the same time retains an extreme finesse and elegance with a hint of elderberry and pickled fruits.