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Yamazakura Blend is a whisky produced at the Asaka Distillery, which was specially refurbished for whisky distillation in 2016, by Sasanokawa Shuzo, the oldest sake brewery in Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region, whose history dates back to 1765.

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This whisky is therefore the first to appear and perfectly reflects all the know-how accumulated over the years in the field of distillation and blending. Chief Blender has selected 4 malt and grain whiskies with smooth and delicate profiles. On the nose it expresses notes of elderflower, malt, caramel and iodine, which extend in the mouth with the appearance of aromas of citrus, pear, vanilla and cereals, all sublimated by a light and oily texture. The tasting ends gently with a balanced finish.

“Yama” means mountain in Japanese while “Sakura”, here written “Zakura” refers to the iconic cherry tree of Japan, a true Japanese beauty. Elegantly presented in a sober and poetic case, Yamazakura Blend proudly represents the Asaka distillery located in the heart of the Fukushima mountains.