Estonian Sauna Etiquette

We often get a lot of first timers coming to our sauna sessions and if you’re reading this then there’s a chance you’re one of them too. So here’s a few words on general sauna etiquette. Note, there is of course a lot of conjecture between traditionalists and modernists in the sauna world as to what constitutes real Estonian sauna etiquette.

We’re keeping it simple. These are the common important base points to remember when enjoying a sauna.
We’re more than happy to entertain further discussion in the sauna! Let’s keep all sauna traditions alive and be open to creating new ones.

Drink lots of water

This is something people often forget and is really good to remember to continually top up during your sauna session.

Positive atmosphere

Estonian sauna tradition mentions that you shouldn’t argue in the sauna. We support this tradition and recommend leaving any negativity outside the sauna.

Stay as long as is comfortable for you

If you’re feeling hot and that you need to take a break. Then do exactly that. No-one else will tell you so make sure you listen to your body. You can take a dip in the pool, top up on some fluids, get some fresh air and then jump back in when it feels right to you. It’s not a competition!

Questions? Then ask!

Estonian sauna etiquette, customs and traditions will vary from sauna to sauna, house to house, region to region, country to country. If you have a question then simply ask. It’s a great way to spark conversation with fellow sauna goers and will also increase your sauna knowledge so you can pass it on to other sauna fans for when they ask in the future!

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