Podcast and Streaming in Tallinn

When hosting an event for your company or performing your show on stage, searching for the perfect streaming service can be taxing. And if you’ve always wanted to start your own podcast, you will most likely need a studio that will help you make it come to life. The sound, the video and the editing process are crucial to the audience’s experience that will require a professional’s aid. You might not even know where to start looking for all these things. Well look no further! We’ve gathered here a list of a few places around Tallinn that offer different recording services, including our own studio! Wanna hear more about them? Let’s dive in!

What studios can I find around Tallinn?

Did you know there are actually many podcast-videocast recording studios all around the capital? Here’s a list of a few for you:

Podcastrent is a studio located in Veerenni where they offer high-quality podcast and video recording services as well as editing. A cozy, small studio with sound-isolating walls and comfy chairs. They aim to take all the weight off your shoulders when recording so you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Their slogan – create content, trust the recording to us!

Kõrvauss Audiobutiik is a professional podcast studio that can host up to four participants when recording. Their podcast room is filled with natural light and is acoustically treated. You can even just book their equipment to use! Located in the heart of Tallinn, it’s a lovely and accessible location to shoot your podcast. If you need a producer for recording, they offer that service as well!

Room 667 Studio, located in serene Kalamaja, is a multifaceted recording studio that covers all your recording needs. Recording, mixing and mastering just about anything, from podcasts to albums and producing music. They offer full-package services for artists and influencers from any genre, so you can achieve all your dreams in one place!

Progear Studio offers a spacious venue and skilled streaming services for podcasters. This studio is located in the Kristiine region in a building where they also sell professional sound and light equipment. They also have the option for a complete package deal, where you can just go in, talk your talk, and leave the rest for the pros! Convenient, cool and cozy!

WRKLAND is the perfect solution for those who want a more independent recording experience. They offer many sound-isolated rooms, some with audio equipment already set up. You can rent a room, bring your computer and just start recording on your own! The cool part is they have locations not only in Tallinn, but around the Baltics and Finland as well! So even if you’re travelling, you can still record your podcast, hassle free!

Additionally, here over at Heldeke, we have our own recording studio as well! Here’s an introduction into Heldeke!TV Studio.

What services does Heldeke!TV Studio offer?

Our studio offers streaming services for virtually anything – events, meetings, workshops, virtual conferences, webinars, podcasts and videos. If you want to record a podcast (audio only), you will get audio from each microphone recording separately. If you want to record a video as well, you can book a 1, 2 or 3 camera setup. Additionally, you can choose your background to be either our original setup – red velvet curtain – or we can project your logo to the backdrop. After recording, you will receive separate files from each microphone and camera. And if you want the whole package deal with a fully edited final product and no extra fuss for you, that is also an option! We will edit the sound and video and can add your needed visuals or jingles to create the perfect final product. If you want to broadcast your show or event, we can set that up for you with visuals or jingles too. You can go live, chat with the audience, do Q&A’s or whatever else it is you do! All the tech you require will be set up before your arrival so it will all go swimmingly. Our studio is always operated by our tech manager and can’t be booked without the technician.

How can I make the Process as Smooth as Possible?

Best case scenario is that you know exactly what you want. Even better if you have some examples or references you can send on over! But if you don’t, then don’t fret! You can either email us or come over to see the studio and discuss all the details on the spot with the tech manager. If you are unsure of how much time you might need for recording, then we advise you to book a bit of extra time, at least for the first time.

What does a Day of Booking Heldeke!TV Studio look like?

The day of the booking is a walk in the park for you. All the details are already discussed beforehand with the tech manager – what background you need, how many mics and cameras you need etc. If you want to have your own visuals or jingles, then you will have to send those in before the day of. You can waltz in 30 minutes before recording where all the technical setup and layout is already prepared for you. The tech manager will do a sound and video check with you, adjust minor details accordingly and you can get comfy with a cup of fresh coffee or tea. And then the recording can begin! Easy-peasy! After recording, if you’ve only requested raw files, you can get them straight after recording or latest the next day from our server. If you’ve asked us to edit all the materials to a final product, then depending on the complexity of the material the process can take up to one week. 

Does Heldeke!TV Studio offer services outside of the venue as well?

Yes we do! Our recording services can venture out wherever you need. When booking Heldeke!TV Studio to an external location, specify the layout and conditions for us when booking so we know how to prepare. Additionally, if you are looking for someone to photograph your event or shoot promo videos, our studio is equipped to do that as well. Recently, for example, Heldeke!TV Studio went all the way over to Tartu and helped record startup pitches from 10 people one by one. All was recorded in a monochromatic conference room and the process was fun for everyone involved. Just get in touch with us and we can come to you, wherever you are!

Who has Heldeke!TV Studio worked with?

The studio has worked with a plethora of various companies, startups or podcasts: Startup Wise Guys, Startup Kitchen, Puhata ja Mängida to name some. Videocast shootings, pitchings, promotions, live streams. Most of the time we are recording shows for artists on stage over at our venue, like Burlesque Estonia or Riga Stand Up. The recordings are used by the artists to showcase their talents and advertise their shows online. If you want to see more specific examples of our work, email us! 

How do I book the Studio?

Easy! If you want to have something recorded at Heldeke!TV Studio, you just have to get in touch with us via email – info@heldeke.ee . Write down what type of recording service you’re in need of and our tech manager will help you figure out all the necessary details. Since we operate as a venue as well, be sure to check out our official calendar to see what dates and times are available for booking. We charge per hour for booking the studio. Starting price is 50€/h for audio and 100€/h for audio and one camera with a 50€ technician fee. The 30 minutes before your booking is free of charge – so you can come in and set up whatever you need for recording, do a video and sound check with our tech manager and ask any last minute questions! We will help out with whatever you need to help you have an easy-going, fun recording experience!

All in all, the process of recording podcasts, videos or events is straightforward and accessible for anyone interested. The studios will guide you through the experience and help you achieve all your goals. You’re guaranteed to have a good time and an even better end product. So reach out to a podcast studio today and book yourself in for a recording!