How to find the best public sauna and bar in Tallinn

The sauna tradition in Tallinn and Estonian culture is certainly strong and there are many likely candidates as to which sauna one is the best for you. We’ll explain why Heldeke! has the best public sauna in Tallinn and how to get here!

Home Sauna style

Our public sauna sessions are modelled on a real home sauna atmosphere. So sessions are unisex and what you wear or don’t wear is up to you. The decision is up to you. This makes us uniquely different to all other public saunas in Tallinn where they are usually split into mens and womens sections.

We have a pool

Yep we certainly do! Instead of jumping in and out of a 1 person sized hole in the floor, we’ve got a pool that you can have a short paddle in after your time in the sauna. It’s comfortably cold so you’ll get that post sauna buzz while also being able to spend some time splashing around.

Finnish approval

Our Finnish neighbours just over the Baltic sea are absolutely crazy about sauna culture. They’re also known for not saying too much, though when it comes to sauna they’ll definitely tell you their honest opinion. And they’ve been most complimentary about the sauna heat, pool, atmosphere and drink options. We’re proud to have a swathe of Finns as part of our regular sauna clientele.

Location Location Location

We’re located just 7 mins from the Old Town, in the leafy hipster district of Kalamaja. Telliskivi, Port Noblessner, Kalarand and Kopli are all just a stones throw away. We’re also just around the corner from Kalma Saun which is worth a visit if you’re looking for a more traditional and historical sauna experience.

Extensive Bar menu

As a venue that caters for evening shows and cabaret style events, we also offer our full bar menu during the sauna sessions. Top quality cocktails and mocktails, local craft beer, wines, spirits, liqueurs, a large non-alcoholic selection and an ever expanding list of whiskeys from all over the world, including Estonia. We have a focus on showcasing top quality Estonian drinks where possible. And if you’re hungry we offer snacks and food too.

We offer much more than your regular run of the mill sauna bar.


The social aspect of sauna is often forgotten as we focus on the health benefits, however we take the social aspect seriously and our sauna ethos has been built to promote conversation and social interaction.

That’s why we have an extensive list of regular sauna clients from all walks of life including graphic designers, performers, construction workers, students, professors, startup owners, sauna connoisseurs, doctors, lawyers, nurses and athletes.

They keep coming back for the facilities but also for the friendly atmosphere that is created by those same people that keep coming back.

And that’s why we’re the best public sauna in Tallinn.

When? Check out the calendar for the next available session!

Where? Heldeke!, Tööstuse 13, 10413 Tallinn, Estonia

Book ahead? Is highly recommended as sessions do sell out. Online bookings can be made here