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Four Pillars Chardonnay Barrel

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Four Pillars Chardonnay Barrel Gin is a smooth and super sippable gin. Aged in French Oak ex-Chardonnay barrels, the palate is light and creamy, finishing with lingering spice and fresh citrus peel. As soon as you open the bottle, you’ll get great aromas of preserved lemon, ginger, light vanilla and cinnamon.

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Our barrel-aged gins were inspired by an Old Tom style gin from America. There were flavours we had never seen in gin before – toasty oak, a softness on the palate and enough botanicals to be unmistakably gin.

We sipped it neat. We tried it in cocktails. And we wanted to make one of our own. So, we put some Rare Dry Gin into old Chardonnay barrels at the end of 2013. And our Barrel Aged Gin first released in 2014 has now become our tenth release Chardonnay Barrel Gin.

Our Barrel Aged Gin won gold in the USA (the home of dark spirits) soon after its release.

This gin is for sipping and mixing, but we don’t suggest trying it with tonic water.