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Galliano Vanilla


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Galliano Vanilla contains the heart of Galliano L’Autentico, including Mediterranean anise, cardamom lavender, peppermint, and cinnamon. However, some prefer the taste of a strong tone of vanilla. Therefore a fragrant vanilla distillate of the highest quality has been added to the Galliano base to create Galliano Vanilla. Galliano Vanilla has a round scent, a sweet vanilla flavor, and a lower ABV (30%). This pronounced aroma in our vanilla liqueur offers versatility in cocktails while retaining Galliano’s unmistakable character.

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Vanilla comes from the vanilla orchid, which is the only one out of more than 25,000 species that produces edible fruit. The vanilla orchid can only be harvested in a few spots around the globe and is the second-most expensive spice. The taste and scent of vanilla is one that many people know. It has a sweet, soft, and versatile flavor with rich and warm tones. In the world of alcohol, vanilla is an exciting flavor because of how many different directions you go in. For example, you can include it in warm drinks for the fall or cold desserts in summer. Vanilla liqueur is an all-year-round favorite for many.

Aroma: Reminiscent of vanilla and Tic-Tac peppermint sweets with toffee notes.
Taste: Slightly syrupy, peppermint leads with smoothing creamy vanilla, sweet liquorice and herbal notes.
Aftertaste: Freshly ground black pepper emerges and cuts through the syrup with lingering vanilla ice-cream, refreshing spicy peppermint and a touch of aniseed.