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Kristallkümmel is a natural caraway liqueur made from caraway seeds, alcohol and sugar. The product is handcrafted over a period of four to five weeks, resulting in a 45% alcohol liqueur that is ripe and perfectly flavoured.

Careful attention is paid to the finished beverage, changing the temperature and adding the necessary ingredients at just the right moment. In this way, beautiful sugar crystals grow on the bottom and sides of the Kristallkümmel bottles, like symbols of the dedication and attention that has gone into making the liqueur. The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper as in the old days.


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The crystal caraway is bottled in a transparent bottle with an original design, with sucrose crystals forming on the base and walls, and the bottle is closed with a wooden stopper, as in the old days. The liqueur is served at room temperature.

Traditionally served chilled from a foot of lace, the Kristallkümmel is also great in cocktails.