La Famiglia Nostra X


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La Famiglia Nostra X is an exquisite blend of whiskeys, rendering a drink with outstanding depth and richness. A fusion of two Glenrothes Distillery whiskeys, the 1997 40% one and 2008 60% one. The mix has then been set to mature in a Sherry cask, creating a beautiful balance between the nutty flavours and subtle spice. On the nose, it exhibits citrusy and spicy oak aromas. Then, on the palate, plums and cherries are met with cinnamon and clover. The finish is long, full-bodied and creamy. Perfect for the connoisseurs who crave intricate and complex whiskeys!


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La Famiglia Nostra company has been distilling whiskeys in Scotland and maturing them in Germany since 2013. Their whiskeys are well-known and appraised around the globe.