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Lively White


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Regal Rogue Lively White is bursting with citrus and floral notes, marrying an Orange, NSW, organic un-wooded Chardonnay with native Lemon Myrtle, Desert Limes, Finger Limes and Native Thyme with Elderflower, Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Chamomile.

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80gms sugar per litre. 43% less than the category standard.

Additional flavor notes: Pairs with Grapefruit, Pineapple, Lemon, Lime, Rosemary, Basil.

Regal Rogue works best as the base ingredient (a wine based alternative to Gin) in a 3-step serve with a mixer, seasonal fruit and herb or spice. Alternatively, it’s perfect for making vermouth-led ‘Reverse classic’ cocktails where you use Regal Rogue as the leading ingredient, instead of the spirit, for a more rounded less punchy classic cocktail.