Ruffino Antica Ricetta


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52 €

The starting ingredient for the creation of the Vermouth Antica Ricetta selected by Ruffino is a Tuscan IGT white wine. This is then fortified with alcohol until it reaches an alcoholic strength of 17%. Subsequently, it undergoes a slow and careful infusion process with over 25 highly selected ingredients, which help create the unique taste and aromatic complexity of a memorable Vermouth.

It presents itself to the eye in a shiny and brilliant ebony color. The nose releases a rich bouquet of blackberry, cherry and citrus, together with floral sensations dictated by the presence of dog rose and chamomile. In the mouth it is soft and pleasant with a slightly bitter and intense finish, distinguished by red rhubarb and wild fennel.

Perfect as an aperitif, ideal with ice and a slice of orange or cold (4 ° C) straight with orange peel. Excellent ingredient for creating cocktails.

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Ruffino – Since 1877 – Award Winning Wines from the Heart of Tuscany

Ruffino was born in 1877 in Pontassieve from the intuition of two cousins, Ilario and Leopoldo. Their ambition is that the wine appreciated in their lands can also please those who do not have the good fortune to be able to taste it every day, and live, perhaps, very far.

It was an immediate and swirling success, built on the goodness of the wines and on an entrepreneurial foresight in the uncommon times. In fact, the Ruffino cousins’ wine was immediately liked so much, so that in 1895 in Bordeaux the gold medal was awarded at the Chianti Ruffino.

Successes follow each other and already at the beginning of the twentieth century these successes lead to identify Ruffino as a synonym of Italian wine in the world through Chianti. These are the years of the birth of a true icon of Italian enology, Riserva Ducale, which in 1927 celebrates one of the most illustrious admirers of Ruffino, the Duke of Aosta who had chosen this wine to lay the tables of the court of the Italy King.

Riserva Ducale is just one of the imprints left by Ruffino in the history of Italian enology, also marked by the iconic fiasco, the bottle symbol of the entire category of Chianti, known in the world thanks to Chianti Ruffino.