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Umiki is the world’s first ocean fused whisky finished in Japanese pine barrels. How so-fish-ticated! Umiki is a harmony of pure desalinated ocean water with ocean side distilled Japanese malt whiskies and imported grain whiskies, bringing it all together in pine barrels.

The refined production of Umiki offers a smooth experience with a hint of sea breeze, a rounded floral flavor on the palate and a calming vigor in the finish. Enjoy!

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The one-of-a-kind method of production also gave the name to Umiki whisky – ‘umi‘ meaning ‘ocean’ and ‘ki‘ meaning ‘tree’ in Japanese. The company wants to give homage to the life-giving ocean and the long-living pine trees that grow on the Japanese shores. Umiki has won over 20 medals and awards over the years since 2020.