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+ deposit 0,10€

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There is something special about this non-alcoholic wheat beer. Unlike other breweries, which halt the fermentation process prematurely – this beer is given the time it needs to allow its refreshing flavor to unfold. Subsequently, the alcohol is removed from the beer using falling film evaporation, a technique developed together with the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan. The result: fewer calories and carbohydrates and yet a truly enjoyable beer…

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Sparkling, fresh and highly drinkable – nuances of honey and an inviting yeasty note best describe the flavor of our non-alcoholic wheat beer. In terms of its appearance and sensory impression, this beer can easily hold its own with its big brother.

A fine clove note lends our non-alcoholic wheat beer its alluring aroma. Finely latticed foam is an integral part of this attractive, refreshing beer.